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We, the people of Saint Peter  will equip disciples for the work of the Church to serve our congregational family and our surrounding
community through a variety of worship opportunities, learning experiences, and community activities.

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AA Meeting
1:00PM 15 Sept 2014

15. Sept 2014

AA Meeting and

7:30PM 17 Sept 2014

AA Meeting
1:00PM 19 Sept 2014

Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
18 Sept 2014
15. Pentecost Sunday
Church Service
Sunday School
21 Sept 2014 10 AM
AA Meeting
1:00PM 22 Sept 2014
AA Meeting and
24 Sept 2014
10:00AM Bible Study   
11:00AM Seniorenkreis
24 SEPT 2014
AA Meeting
26 Sept 2014
Come On
Ring some Bells

7:00PM Bell Choir
25 Sept 2014
16. Pentecost Sunday
Church Service
Sunday School
28 Sept 2014 10 AM
 AA Meeting
1:00PM 29 Sept 2014

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Welcome to our Church Website
We are located on Chicago Road between Hoover and Van Dyke about 1600 feet
west from the intersection of Chicago and Hoover Roads
South of 14 Mile.

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24. Lectionary Times
Holy Cross Sunday
   14 September 2014


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And the Hour shall be filled with music, with the Word, and praise and prayer, and the burdens of life are lifted, for all who enter here.
Re-printed from our 1930 Hymnal
United Lutheran Church


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21, 2014

Matthew narrates one of Jesus'
controversial parables, in which
Jesus says the reign of God is like
workers who get paid the same no matter
when they start. When God changes his mind
about punishing Nineveh for their evil ways,
Jonah is angry. Yet God is gracious and merciful,
abounding in steadfast love. In baptism we
receive the grace of God that is freely given to all.
As Luther wrote, in the presence of God's mercy
we are all beggars.

 Jesus tells a parable
about God's generosity, challenging the common
assumption that God rewards people according
to what they have earned or deserve.

 God calls each of us to work in the vineyard. Some of us have been in the
vineyard longer than we can remember. Others of us are recently arrived.

And some who gather in the worshiping community this day may be thinking
about responding to the landowner's invitation for the first time.


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24 Lectionary time
Rally Day

Helena, mother of Constantine, made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and found what may be the actual site
of Jesus' crucifixion.

25 Lectionary time

It can be unnerving when someone "crashes the line" and ends up in a place ahead of you, especially when you have been waiting patiently along with everyone else.

26 Lectionary time

In order to better understand the very first question asked by the chief priests and elders in today's gospel Human beings have a natural sense of fairness and order

27 Lectionary time

The Bible is full of examples of rejected people who play vital roles in the kingdom of God. Joseph, whose brothers scorn him as a foolish dreamer, becomes a key figure in the book of Genesis and in salvation history.

10:00 AM
 Bilingual Service

10:00 AM
 Bilingual Service

10:00 AM
 Bilingual Service

10:00 AM
 Bilingual Service
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 07. SEPT 2014
Lectionary Time
Holy Cross Sunday
2. Reading - Psalm
Kinder Message
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We're glad you have chosen to visit our website and please come and worship with us on Sunday at our Bilingual service at 10 AM, perhaps become a part of our community here at St. Peter's Lutheran Church.

We want to share some information about our church with you.  You'll find this site very active, including services and other functions that may have interest to you and your family. 

We have many activities here at St Peter's for our German and English speaking groups. We also have children and young adult gatherings, Bible study groups, bell and all types of choirs where you may either sing or ring bells or join other activities or gatherings.

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church was originally organized for 
German-Transylvanian Saxon-speaking congregation in 1930 in Detroit.

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